2018 Instagram Decor Trends We Can’t Get Enough Of

We get a big chunk of our home decor inspo via Instagram feeds — and 2018 was trendy AF. So, we thought it was only fair to pay tribute to all of the decor trends we double-tapped on Instagram in 2018. In order to get inspired for our new year/new space #resolution we have to reflect, and reflecting has never been this beautiful. With everything from maximalist collections to boho textures, there’s something here for every style. Scroll on and get to liking.

1. Colorful Refrigerators: Buy one or grab a peel-and-stick wallpaper to make an old refrigerator stand out.

2. Mid-Century Lighting: This chandelier was basically IG’s 2018 sweetheart. The retro-inspired mid-century modern chandelier could work in just about any room. We love!

3. Unexpected Indoor Gardens: Even if your home is small and there is limited window room, you can use the wall facing a window (and some seriously stunning shelves) to stow your plants instead.

4. Natural Woven Chandeliers: IKEA’s Sinnerlig pendant has been enjoying a major moment this year and for good reason. The natural materials of the shade work with most color schemes.

5. Rainbow Organization: It’s a fact: 2018 is the year of color-coordinating, resulting in some highly addicting Instagram feeds. Color-obsessed organizers, you’re going to want to follow The Home Edit for this ASAP.

6. Rounded Jute Rugs: IG has proved that these earthy mats aren’t just for boho-inspired rooms. They can be a glam contrast and even work on carpets. And who wouldn’t want to step onto a patterned rug like this first thing in the morning?

7. Desert Minimalism: Sometimes the setting is stunning on its own and decor just isn’t needed as much. Minimalist desert style — as seen at The Shack Attack in Joshua Tree, California — has definitely made vacationing and unplugging a little easier on the eyes.

8. Retro Christmas: We hope you kept your favorite childhood holiday decorations because the vintage-inspired trend is all the rage for 2018’s holiday season. Even if you didn’t, we have quite a few retro decor suggestions that don’t require a day spent at estate sales.

9. Inky Walls: Our Instagram feed made us believers that white isn’t the only shade that matches everything — black can be just as versatile and inviting. While it may seem a bit bold, dark walls actually add a wonderful contrast to your home and are an A+ neutral for a dramatic space.

10. Pantone-Inspired Pendants: This year’s Pantone hues, including Meadowlark and Blooming Dahlia, were all over the season’s hottest decor trends. Our favorite? Scandi-inspired statement light fixtures.

11. Color-Coded Collections: Storing like with like isn’t just for organizing your everyday essentials. Case in point? The open shelving and color-coding collection trend that was *everywhere* this year.

12. Pattern-Mixing Maximalism: We could scroll through more-is-more maximalist photo feeds for hours. And honestly, what good is a well-curated collection if you can’t show it off?

13. Tiny Houses With Big Style: Samantha Santana’s itsy-bitsy home shows that you don’t need tons of square footage to showcase amazing style. We also noticed plenty of other small spaces on Insta that make the most of their tiny homes with bold styles like this.

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