Textile-Inspired Tiles Are the Next Gorgeous Trend Taking Over Home Decor

Fashion and home decor tend to follow similar trends. So it makes total sense when you see one overlaps the other. The latest stylish hodgepodge? Textile-inspired tiles — yes, tiles. If you’re into cozy cable-knits (#sweaterweather) or textural tweed blazers, these patterns can actually be seen on your walls, your floors, or even your showers. New Ravenna, an international designer mosaic company, has just released a brand new line called Tissé, inspired by the rich, intricate fabrics we love to wear, and we’re certain this tile trend is destined to become a big one.

Batik for your bathroom? Believe it. “With Tissé we wanted to focus on the techniques and textures of woven goods, by deconstructing them down to single stitches,” says Creative Director Cean Irminger. Inspiration ranged from beachy batik pieces to more robust wovens like wicker. But making a notoriously rigid material mimic the fluid look of fabric wasn’t always an easy task. “It became a gratifying puzzle to visually transform stone into soft, dimensional, interweaving fibers. It also highlighted for me the deep similarities between these two ancient disciplines of handmade craft, where every stitch or stone is vitally important to the success of the whole,” Irminger notes.

Who says that walls shouldn’t be allowed to get in on the cozy cable-knit sweater trend? Darker grout helps give these patterns depth — an important element in helping them look more fabric-like. Adding a pillowed effect to the stone was another way that New Ravenna tried to trick the eye. The final result channels those #hygge vibes in a new and unexpected way.

Patterns inspired by more rough-woven materials feel right at home in a bathroom or entryway. (We’d love to step out of a long, relaxing bath onto this surface.)

Lots of color variation was used to mimic the effect of fibers that have been organically dyed and have a non-uniform look. “As mosaic makers, we tend to naturally notice the interplay of separate parts that make up the finished piece,” says Irminger. The unmistakably artisan-inspired look really comes across in this updated chevron pattern.

Styles from the Tissé line cost $66 to $250 per square foot, but DIY-savvy folks will find there are lots of ways to hop on this textile-inspired trend.

(Images via New Ravenna)

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