If you would like to be a Homebop contributor, please read our submission guidelines below, and email inquiries and articles to hello@homebop.com. Once approved, you will be provided with a profile, bio, and links.


Homebop is a popular publication on Home & Garden. We are always looking for new and insightful pieces to publish for our readers to enjoy. In order to ensure the quality of our content, we have guidelines and policies that all contributing writers must abide by.

Submission Guidelines

Failing to follow these guidelines will result in rejection of your submissions.

Valid Topics

Your article must be focussed on at least one of these topics related to Home & Garden:

    • Home Decor, Home Trends, Small Spaces
    • Home News (Home & DIY Celebs, etc.)
    • Entertaining, Food, Drinks, Recipes, Gifts
    • Garden, DIY
    • Home Design
  • Organizational and Cleaning

Article Layout

Your article must have the following:

    • Header image must be placed at top of article either before or after title
    • Your articles must have at least 3 of the 5 possible tags. It’s best to use all five tags.
  • At least one tag must include the topic of your article.

Article Content

    • Articles must be in full — no summaries that link to full external articles
  • No blatant self-promotion. However, you may plug your company or links where they add value to the reader.

Submission Policies

Failing to abide by these policies will result in rejection of your submissions or termination of your contributing priviledges.

Editors’ Rights

    • We reserve the right to add a byline or blurb about our publication and its sponsors at the bottom of your article.
    • In the case where an article is submitted without a featured image, we reserve the right to add a featured image with graphic design as we see fit.
  • We reserve the right to add our logo to featured images in articles.

Publication’s Rights

  • We reserve the right to unlist any article published on Homebop should it infringe on the well being of another individual without notice to the author.


    • Once a story has been accepted and published by Homebop we ask that it remain in our publication. We will cease to accept articles from people who habitually remove stories from our publication.
  • Writers who routinely fail to abide by our guidelines and policies will be removed from the publication and banned indefinitely.