Tips For Decluttering Your Bedroom

Tired of feeling like you can’t find anything to wear through those stuffed shelves, drawers and piles of clothes and shoes on the floor? Us too. Here are pro tips to organize and declutter your bedroom.

Pick a Multiuse Nightstand

Some bedrooms can be short on square footage, and even worse, closet space. Integrating home decor pieces that look good and are functional can be a challenge. Which is why the multiuse nightstand is our decluttering superstar.

Pro tip: Choose a midsize dresser with good surface space for nighttime needs, as well as lots of drawers for storing small clothing essentials.

See more multi-use night stands here.

Scout Out Square Footage

When you look at something in your bedroom every day — say, the closet — it’s hard to see spots that might be wasted or need a good decluttering. Try this trick: Take some smartphone pictures of your bedroom closet from different angles (far away and up close). Print them out and take a close look: Where does clutter congregate? What corners or wall surfaces aren’t getting used like they should? The back of a door is one spot to consider: Often it can be a great way to organize immediate wardrobe needs, like the next day’s ensemble, or declutter daily-use bedroom items, such as makeup or jewelry. Check out some great (and please on the eyes) organization and storage pieces here.

Stash Seasonal Extras Under the Bed

Unless you live year-round on the beach, your flip-flops take a break during cold-weather months. Same for those cozy blankets when the temperatures climb. There’s no need for off-season items to steal valuable shelf or storage space. Instead, keep them close but out of the way with underbed storage. For a platform bed, that may equal matching baskets or decorative containers. For other styles, check out underbed drawers for stashing (and decluttering) sweaters, shoes, coats, and more.

Clear Bedroom Surfaces

Decluttering doesn’t necessarily mean clearing out what’s in drawers and on shelves. Visual decluttering of bedroom surfaces out in the open is just as important in creating a serene, restful space. That means paring down items on display — a lamp, a few select photos — and finding better storage and organization solutions for those pieces that tend to create chaos: keys, wallet, and jewelry, for example.

Pick Pretty Containers

There’s an organizing strategy often used in kitchens: Take items in different-shape containers and decant them so they store easily. This same approach can be used for different effect on dressers and grooming spaces in a bedroom. Get rid of unattractive containers in favor of those that declutter and decorate surfaces while keeping your bedroom storage and supplies organized.

Use Drawer Dividers

Makeup brushes, lotions, notebooks, pens: All these items (and many more) often need a spot close by your bed or in your get-ready bedroom area. But lots of little odds-and-ends equal lots of bedroom clutter. To keep the chaos at bay, use small containers or dividers in your nightstand or another spot, and clear them out at least twice per year. Toss anything that’s expired (makeup) or appears in multiples (bottles of lotion).

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