A Glam New Bedroom For Under $500

How to get a fresh posh look without breaking the bank.

Glam Bedroom

Do you fall asleep dreaming of gold gilded accents and beautifully tufted furnishings, and wake up to realize you’re not in that Hollywood boudoir you so rightfully deserve? It’s time your bedroom matches your flashy, glamorous self—without breaking the bank. Transform your bedroom into an elegant and chic space suited for a queen. From plush textured linens to curvy silhouettes, we guide you through the essentials for designing a fancy bedroom.

Grey glam bedroom with tufted headboard

Upholstered Headboard—$200

The focal point of any bedroom is the bed, especially in an over-the-top, fit-for-a-starlet boudoir. Make a statement with a stunning upholstered headboard. We love the plushness of tufting, while nailhead trim on a more subtle headboard gives a slight hint of opulence. Opt for a neutral hue—white, gray, cream—for versatility and you can switch up your bed linens as your tastes change.


Luxurious Textiles—$70

Start with all-white bedding and layer on sumptuous textures for a rich, cozy feel. A white duvet offers a clean slate, while cream or ivory bedding lends a must-have warmth. Create a lavish monochromatic look by dressing the bed in many shades of white. Think fur throws and pillows with embroidery, pintucking, rutching to add interest. You don’t have to break the bank here—faux fur (polyester blends) and cotton fabrics are budget-friendly.

Glam bedroom with gold accents

Gold Accents—$150

Every glam bedroom needs sparkle and shine. For a functional, luxe look, place a pair of gilded nightstands on either side of the bed. Add some shimmer and create the illusion of a larger space with a gold sunburst mirror over the bed. For a more subtle golden glow, decorate with a few carefully selected accessories or a duo of table lamps.

Jewel Tone Decor—$80

Add playful, sophisticated color throughout the room. We love white and gold mixed with rich jewel tones for a bold burst of color. A tufted jewel tone headboard not only anchors the room but adds a focal point of color. Add more colors throughout the room with wall art, go abstract for a contemporary glam.


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